FUNDRAISING:  How do I raise the money?


Every rider is encouraged to raise $200 in addition to their registration fee to support Strengthening Urban Neighborhoods. (See Partners page).



Think through your network.

Think of other people who would resonate with this mission or who like you and therefore want to support you!


After thinking through your network, contact them! The method that you choose is up to you. 

Share the donation link on your social media outlets.

Share the link -- --  with your potential supporters. Instruct them to go to the Donation Section, select a donation amount, and select your name and the organization your represent from the drop down list.  


Supporters can also send a check to Great Lakes Urban at 100 Pine St, Zeeland, MI 49464 - include ROC Michigan in the memo line. Donors can support a specific partner organization or rider by writing that name in the memo line.

Follow up.

Studies show that people are more likely to give and give more if you follow up your letter or email with a phone call.



Even if you only donate $10, people will see that you believe in the mission enough to invest your own time and resources to see it flourish, which is one of the mail goals of this ride!


Think of other creative ideas.

You could ask your employer to consider matching all contributions to the ride. Hold a fundraising night at your favorite restaurant. Ask your church to take up a special offering. The world is full of opportunities! If you aren’t creative and need any help thinking of ways to fund raise, our staff is here to help. Email rachael@greatlakesurban for other ways to reach your goal.


Say thanks!

Send thank you’s to everyone who supports you, even if that support is not financial.

ROC MICHIGAN 2019: June 8