Required Equipment

Helmet – All cyclists are required to wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet with a top safety rating

Jersey – All cyclists are encouraged to wear their official ROC Michigan Tour t-shirts as their outer layer.

Bicycle – All cyclists must have a bike that is able to complete the 55 mile/day journey, preferably a lightweight vs. heavy bike.



Earbuds – Riders are prohibited from using earbuds or listening to music in any way that would prevent them from being alert to traffic around them.


Traffic Laws

Riders are required to follow all traffic laws during the route. During the route cyclists will stick to secondary roads with wide shoulders as often as possible. Riders are required to ride on the right side of the road at all times and stick as far to the right as possible. Riders are required to come to a complete stop at all stop signs and traffic lights and use bicycle navigation symbols in addition to verbal commands whenever required.


Age Policy

Riders under age 18 may participate for any length of the journey as long as they have a chaperone (parent, guardian, teacher, etc.) The chaperone must be a registered rider who stays with them.


Liability Waiver

All riders will sign a waiver.

ROC MICHIGAN 2019: June 8